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The Life of a Pinup Goddess

picking herself up

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Birthdate:Oct 2
Location:Montana, United States of America
Website:♥ fattieart ♥

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See my art blog at

I am trying.

I was sick for a very long time and I am just getting better. I often bitch, but I try to at least make it amusing.

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1950s, 1960s, 80's music, 80's stuff, adventure land, art, art history, back to the future, bacon, bacon cheeseburgers, bad spelling, beastie boys, being annoying, being funny, bettie page, bjork, blogging, bob marley, booty music, candy, candy buttons, cartoons, charles bukowski, cherries, cherry 7up, cognition, cooking, coop art, crohn's disease, crushes, dance hall crashers, donny darko, double clicking my mouse, drawing, duckie dale, education, erotic art, faeries, fast food, fat, fat girls, fat positivity, fatties, feet, figment, food replicators, freaks, frente!, fun dip, glasses, goonies, grease monkeys, harry potter, high school, hip hop, hostess snack cakes, hour glass figures, ibd, imagination, inappropriate!, joey ramone, john hughes movies, john waters movies, kevin smith, kissing, kitsch, law & order, lik-m-aid, live journal, looking at myself, lost, lounge culture, loving yourself, lunch boxes, martha stewart, marvin the album, math, mirrors, naruto, nerds, ninjas, nude models, old school rap, painting, paper towels, peaches, peeps, pencils, people, peter pan, picking my nose, piercings, pin-up art, pin-ups, pinups, pirates of the caribbean, please, portishead, post it notes, psychology, punk rockers, quentin tarentino, ramones, robert heinlein, rock and roll highschool, rockabilly, scum manifesto, secretary, shag, silliness, size positivity, sleep away camp, sleeping, sluts, snogging, snowglobes, space marmots, stalking you, tattoos, teaching, the dead milkmen, the haunted mansion, the jetsons, the sims, the young ones, thinking, tiki, tiki room, tikis, toes, toys, tv, tweet, v bangs, valerie solanas, video games, violent femmes, wacom tablets, wahine, weasels, ween, westworld, winning the lottery, writing, youtube
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